Dental health and hygiene

Hi all,

Last week I and another friend of mine visited dental clinic and from my childhood I don’t give too much care on my dental health and hygiene because of that I had to face teeth decay problem most of my life time. This time my teeth decay pain was severe and it happened due to severe gum infections.We all know due to major lifestyle changes and lack of proper attention,tooth replacements  are common everywhere.

So same way because of infection I had to replace my teeth had soon as possible , doctor gave me the appointment on next day .So as soon as I reached clinic using latest technology they implanted the artificial teeth with the help of titanium screws that are bio-compatible. And after a week I don’t even feel the pain of gum and I use to eat food how I used to do before.

After a two-week my friend had done smile designing at same dental clinic ,this kind of dental treatment done to those who suffer with complete or partial broken teeth,discoloured teeth and awkward gaps between teeth.And my friend had long gap between two teeth , smile designing is named because it changes your present smiling style into beautiful smiles.




How you feel depressed eating junk food


Researchers study observed that individuals with higher intakes of trans fats (like burger ,French fries,noodles,pizza,etc )experienced difficulties with emotional awareness ,as well as a lower level of emotional clarity and those individuals  with lower trans fats intake were associated with increased positive and decreased negative(Stress )affects and were better able to control their emotions.

Consuming a diet rich in trans fats has been linked to high cholesterol levels in the blood which causing heart attacks,heart diseases,strokes. Apart from fried and junk food too much sugar consumption in longer run lead to diabetes,kidney failure, obesity,even pancreas cancer.Deal with your sweet tooth by including honey instead of  artificial sweeteners and skip those greasy burgers and fries and have fresh salads instead.

Start your day with a healthy soup


Taking a look at how your morning sip of soup can add a dash of health to your entire day ahead.One can prepare deliciously healthy soup using all the home based ingredients like onions, peppers, coriander,fresh lime juice,spinach.

some home made veg soups

1)Mixed veg soup- known to be anti- oxidant rich and full of fibre,it is  the mixed vegetable soup is one of the most nourishing soup.It is made of beet root , tomato,spinach,cabbage, broccoli and add ginger .

2)Wheat grass soup-it may look like an acquired taste in the beginning but with a sprinkle of taste enhancing wheat grass natural herbs,fresh fruits like Apple ,avocado make it a complete healthy way to start your day.

Skinny jeans may land woman in hospital


Tight  fitting jeans led to a 35 old woman being hospitalised after she was found sprawled on the ground and unable to walk because of numbness in her feet.

Doctors reported that her calves were so swollen that her jeans had to be cut off.She could not move her ankles or toes and lost feeling in her lower legs.Doctors say squatting in skinny jeans can restrict blood supply to nerves and muscles in the lower leg,leading to swelling, impaired sensation and difficult in walking.All these highlights the dangers of what’s become a fashion staple among the young – skinny jeans.

Lung cancer risk depends on time


Researcher have discovered another factor that is nothing but time of smoking the first cigarette of the day.Lung cancer risk is dependent on numerous factor including the number  of cigarettes smoked per day and the duration of nicotine exposure.

People who take their first puff immediately after waking up are more likely to develop lung cancer.Those who had their first cigarette within an hour  of waking up had a considerably  greater risk of developing lung cancer than those did more than an hour after waking up. The risk of lung cancer  increased with shorter duration to first cigarette of the day.The link was similar in both men and woman.

Include flaxseeds in your diet


 Several studies have shown that flax-seed help fight heart disease,diabetes and even cancer.Flaxseed are also known as linseed and contain dietary fibre, manganese,vitamin B1 and the essential fatty acid Alpha linolenic acid,known as omega-3.

These small seed like things are packed with a host of health benefits. 1)Flaxseeds are packed with omega -3  fatty acids that improve brain health, prevent memory loss and depression. They’re also known to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. 2)Stabilize your blood sugar levels by consuming flax seeds daily. 3)The soluble fibre present in flaxseed flush toxins out of the body. 4)they contain lignans,which fight prostate, ovarian and breast cancer, osteoporosis and even cardiovascular disease. 5)Lignans in flaxseeds are estrogen like chemical compounds that possess antioxidants qualities, which removes free radicals from the body. 6)The insoluble fibre in flaxseeds absorbs water, which simply adds mass to your digestive tract. 7)Also help protect against prostate , colon, breast cancer.

Fitness -Burn your calories


Be more physically active and exercise everyday 30minutes and increase your metabolism rate for the next 24hours.Metabolism is the procedure of converting food into fuel. A fast metabolism refers to the rate at which your body burns the calories in the food you eat.

You must know

1)Have 5 or 6 small meals a day as the longer the gap between the meals the more your metabolism slows down to conserves energy. Eating mini meals  every 2 hours will stabilize the blood sugar and provides a steady source of energy for metabolism.

2)Consuming less water will also slows down the energy burning system.So drink atleast 8glasses of water a day.

3)Diet tips- hot and spicy seasonings like chilies, mustard have Been found to raise metabolism by upto 40% for two or three hours.

4)It’s important to have a steady blood sugar level also getting a right fat intake is good for a healthy thyroid and glandular system.

5)Exercise releases endorphin which fight with stress hormones cortisol. Engage in weight training and build muscle as it boosts the metabolism.

6)Mental and emotional stress slows down metabolism and you tend to overheat  due to stress.The best way to tackle stress is to get enough sleep and exercise.

Its good to boost your metabolism as it makes  it easier to reach and maintain your ideal weight and to stay fit, trim and healthy.Try these natural metabolism boosters and burn calories 24hours a day.

How to get rid of acidity naturally


Acidity is one of the most common problems faced by us due to improper lifestyle and stress, it can leads to nausea , vomiting,acid re flux, constipation and many more symptoms along with mouth ulcers.Home remedies for acidity make it easy to treat the condition of excessive secretion of acids in the stomach during the process of digestion.

Home remedies to treat acidity

1) Every morning as soon as get up take 1 glass chilled milk with 2 glasses  of water removes acidity permanently.

2)Sleep early and rise early. Maintain 2hrs gaps between dinner and sleep.Must walk 15-30mins after dinner.

3)Take 5 tulsi leaves with water in empty stomach everyday morning removes all short of symptom associated with acidity.

4)One Clove and six fenugreek seeds soak in 1 glass water keep overnight,morning chew clove and fenugreek then drink water gives permanent cure for acidity.

5)Two drops honey on tongue gives instant relief from acidity.

6)After lunch one glass buttermilk removes acidity permanently .

7)Eating one banana everyday with one pinch cardamom helps in the treatment of acidity.

Health and work stress in working woman


Woman are equipped with hormones and brain chemistry that offers them protection from stress, they are most affected by the physical and emotional effects of stress than men.Stress is an expression of the body’s natural instinct to protect itself.While this may warn a woman of immediate danger Like a fast approaching car, prolonged  stress effects can negatively affect your physical and emotional health .

Specific stress effects include:Eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are 10 times more common in woman than in men.Common stress related stomach troubled include cramps,bloating, heartburn and even irritable bowel syndrome,depending on how you respond -these can lead to weight loss or weight gain.Skin reaction in stress can lead to breakouts, rashes in some cases.Emotional conditions like depression because of stress in life.

High work stress can negatively affect the entire cardiovascular system and lead to high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack.Lowered immune response is also one of the stress effect.In some studies have suggested a link between stress and development of breast and ovarian cancer.Researchers found that the risk of breast cancer was increased by 62% in women who had experienced more than one highly stressful life event, like divorce or death .

Know your vitamin


Vitamins and minerals are needed essentially to perform certain vital biochemical processes in the body. Their roles, deficiencies and the amounts needed on a daily basis to prevent these deficiencies are well documented .We know that the daily requirement for iron , an important mineral needed by the body to make haemoglobin, is 30 mg.

Vitamin A-Deficiency of vitamin A could lead to poor vision,skin,hair health.It lends deep yellow-orange,red colours to fruits and vegetables.Present in abundance in dark green leafy vegetables, yellow orange vegetables such as carrots, spinach,broccoli,mango,butter.Boosts of immune system and protects skin against uv radiations.Prevents eye degeneration and protect against cataracts.Protect against certain types of cancer-lung,prostate,breast cancer.

Vitamin C-Deficiency causes bleeding gums and poor bone growth and also correlate with increased risk of certain cancers,especially colon,lung, stomach. Present in amla,lemon,oranges,guava,green chillies,broccoli cabbage,spinach. Reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and protects against certain forms of cancer and cataracts.It boosts immunity.

Vitamin E-Deficiency causes nerve degeneration , anaemia, poor vision.A fat soluble vitamin, it is important for skin vitality.Present in whole grains, nuts, oil seeds,avocado, apples, green leafy vegetables.Helps in delay ageing, heals sunburn.

Selenium -deficiency may lead to liver damage and increase susceptibility to certain cancers.Brown rice,whole wheat,poultry, fish,garlic.Protect against cardiovascular diseases.

Zinc-Deficiency cause loss of appetite, slow growth and poor immunity.It is essential for normal growth, haemoglobin formation, reproduction.Present in dairy products,seafood,poultry,whole grains,soybean .Protect against eye degeneration.